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Fun Travel Destinations to Visit in the Winter

 I love to travel all year around, but there are some pretty incredible places to visit in the winter months. Some locations are covered in Christmas decor with tons of sights to see. Some are decked out for a fabulous New Years Celebration. While others are destinations to get away from the craziness and relax. There are also fabulous hot and cold destinations to explore.

I have done a lot of research to find the BEST places to visit in the winter. I also took a lot of time finding super unique places to stay. I did this because when I travel I love to stay in boutique hotels. I have found that they make your stay more of an experience. I hope you enjoy exploring each of these beautiful destinations.


1. Golden Crown Iglu In Kittilä, Finland - Talk about an amazing view that is picture worthy.  I can't think of anything cooler than a week long get away in an igloo in the middle of a snowy wonderland.

 2. Jackson Hole, Wyoming - if you are looking for some fun this winter, check out all that Jackson Hole has to offer. Snake River Lodge is a beautiful place to spend your time.

3. St. Barts - If you are looking for a warmer place to visit in the winter, this is just the place. St. Barts is newly rebuilt due to several hurricanes. There are several sites to see. Hotel Christoper is a dreamy place to stay.

4. New York - Everyone knows New York is DREAMY around the holiday and winter months. Imagine walking down the street with a beautiful snow fall, sounds like a perfect winter getaway. The 1 hotel Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most unique place to stay in New York. I did a lot of research on places to stay and this particular hotel focuses on bringing nature to you in a busy city.

5. St. Lucia - This part of the world is perfect to visit in the winter months if you are looking for a warm getaway. It feels amazing in St. Lucia this time of the year and it is so beautiful. one of the most beautiful places to stay is where we went on our honeymoon, Ladera. You will not regret making a trip to St. Lucia.

6. Canyon Point, Utah - This location is on my bucket list. It is pricey to stay at this hotel, but man it is SO COOL. It is unlike anything else in the world. This would be a relaxing getaway filled with messages and sight seeing. The Amangiri hotel is simply AMAZING!

7. Edinburgh,Scotland - This is another bucket list destination. The beauty of Scotland in the winter months is hard to put into words. There are beautiful places to stay, eat, and history to learn about. One of the most unique hotels I found is The Raeburn. This is another location that is surprisingly affordable once you arrive.

8. Madrid, Spain - This is one insanely awesome winter getaway. Between the sun, sights, and activities you will never be lacking on things to do. Once you get to this destination it is surprisingly inexpensive. There are amazing hotels that are under $150 a night. This is one of my favorite - Hotel Barceló Torre de Madrid.

9.  Whistler, British Columbia - Literally the ideal winter getaway for the ski lovers! There a great places to stay right by the lifts. The gorgeous views and the fun activities, make for a perfect dreamy vacation. Here is a fabulous boutique hotel with great restaurants and things to do during your stay - Sundial Boutique Hotel.

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