Top 10 Glassware Sets

January 17, 2018


So.. I may have a slight glassware collection issue, but that's because there are so many beautiful options to choose from. I love buying sets of two of different types of glassware to grow my collection. Today I am going to provide a list of my favorite glassware sets. You can simply click the images below to shop the looks!

1. Schott Zwiesel Modo Glassware Collection


 This glassware is so stunning and simple! You can find it at Williams Sonoma and it starts at a really great price.


2. Schott Zwiesel Pure Stemware Collection

 This is the collection we registered for and I am absolutely in  love with them. We could not be more thrilled with the quality of this collection. It is so simple, but elegant. I highly recommend this product!

3. Dobra Flute

 This is new to my collection and has the most fun vibe! I think the blue tone adds so much to these delicate glasses. This glassware is perfect to bring out at a party or small get together.

4. Gilded Rim Red Wine Glass


 This glassware is beyond stunning and so delicate. You will find me sipping out of this glassware a ton because it’s so dainty looking. It is soft and smooth to the touch. It is also super light.

5. Aso Glass


These glasses are so cool. They are hip and classic, at the same time. I think these will be a fun set to keep your eye on. Anthropologie glasses go on sale all the time, so be sure to keep a watch out for these.

6. Aurelia Tumbler (ON SALE)

 These glasses are great to drink out of on an everyday basis. They are fun, simple, and super cute! There are 3 different color options to pick from and I personal would combine a few of each color together.

7. Koki Flute

These are my new favorite. I am so obsessed with the pattern on these glasses. The have a unique shape and a really cool vibe about them.


8. Star Cluster Wine Glass

 I think these glasses are so in right now. This set has a really nice range in the overall glass collection. This would be a great item to register for.


 9. Tari Decanter

Yes, I know this is technically not a glassware set, but they are so amazing and beautiful I had to share them. I have never seen a decanter this stunning.


 10. Williams Sonoma Specialty Barware Collection (ON SALE)

 Everyone needs a good set of barware glasses. These are perfect to have if you are a person who likes to try out fun new cocktails. You will have all the bar glasses you need if you purchase this collection.


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