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Styling Our Living Room

Our living room is simple, sweet, and clean. I loved styling this room with whites, beiges, and different shades of browns. I was able to find all of our pieces at different stores to complete this look, and I will give you the details on how I was able to piece everything together.


I LOVE this room so much and I can't to give the rundown on where we got all of our furniture. At this point, you have seen enough of my house to know how much I love white. It looks southern and very clean against our dark hardwood floors. We spend so much time in this room because it is so very cozy. Our living room is right off of the kitchen, which provides a really great open concept feeling. While I'm cooking, Clinton and I are able to chit-chat due to its close proximity, which makes preparing dinner much more enjoyable!

Our living room is rather narrow, so we needed a long couch that would fit in the rectangle shaped room. We love this couch from Wayfair because it is the definition of comfy and, not to mention, very classic looking. Wayfair has a great selection of couches to choose from, for all different sized room. I recommend shopping at Wayfair for almost all house needs. Their prices and free shipping makes a perfect combination

Our accent chair is from Costco! They have a great collection of chairs that are really stylish. Not only does it look great in this space, it is a recliner that we love to chillax in. The tall hanging floor lamp is from target. They have so many wonderful lamps and trinkets to put around your home. Not to mention, Target now carries all of the Chip and Joanna's Magnolia Home collection. What a dream. A very, very dangerous dream.

The awesome side table that holds our throws is a so neat. In particular, I like the fact that this side table looks nice as a standalone piece, but also provides us with a little storage. You can find similar concept pieces at Homegoods. Our coffee table, wall art, and curtains are also from Homegoods. This is, for sure, one of my top-five favorite stores. It's funny to say that because I use to dread going in as a child with my mom because we would stay for hours. Now look at me! Love you, mom!

Finally, one last piece I think helps to pull the entire room together is an oversized dough bowl from Pottery Barn. This brings big pop of color into our white space. It is one of my favorite wedding gifts. It is so big and elaborate, but very rustic looking at the same time. This would be a fantastic addition to your home.

My Living Room

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