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Bohemian Garden Party

I have always wanted to have a boho garden party in my backyard! Now that it's nice and warm outside, I thought it was the perfect time to host a little get-together. I imagined that it would be hard to set everything up, but come to find out it is super easy to set up this cute little outdoor party. This setup is not only great for a dinner party, but would also be a great idea for a kids birthday party, girls night, boho bachelorette party, photo backdrop for wedding pictures, or an awesome date night. I will give you guys the details on how to set up your very own garden party!

I've linked all the items in my photos in the links above!

The first thing I had to do to prepare for our garden party was find pallets. This was probably the most challenging part because we did not want to pay for them. My husband and I searched behind different stores to find them. We tried Walmart, Target, Publix, Winn-Dixie, and finally lucked out at Home Depot! Walmart charges for them, so we decided not to use theirs, but Home Depot had piles of them for FREE (my favorite). We ended up using a stack of 3 to make the table the height we wanted. I have seen people just stack 2 up and it looked great as well. Imagine how cute it would like to have 4 or 5 in your backyard with streaming lights for a party! Your friends would love it!

Lets talk flowers! I am obsessed with greenery and any white flower. My friend Nicole Connell is a wonderful florist in Atlanta (Vine and Olive Design), and she created this beautiful center piece. She is unbelievably talented and does some of the best work I have ever seen. I have worked with a lot of florists and she is so fun to work with and has an eye for all things delicate and pretty. Also, she does WEDDINGS! Please check her out HERE and see some of the amazing work she has done so far.

After I got the pallets and the center piece taken care of, I grabbed 2 white towels and some of my favorite pillows. I think having a variety of different colored pillows makes everything look very boho. If you are in need of some great pillows, I highly recommend checking out Anthropologie and Homegoods. Both of these stores have a great variety of styles to choose from.

After I figured out how I wanted to style my seating, I started developing my table setting. I found the bowls and table runners at Anthropolgie on sale. What I love about boho themes is that everything does not have to match. You can mix and match plates and bowls and it looks fabulous.

You guys know I am a sucker for glassware so I went to my favorite place.. Anthro and found these on sale for $4.99. They are so unique and tie all of my pinks together very well.

I had a left over small pallet and a small wooden box I wanted to incorporate. It works perfectly with the boho them. Anything you have that looks rustic in your home would be a great accent piece to tie your whole outdoor look together. I added my rustic silver watering bucket to make everything come together. These dried flowers are from my rehearsal dinner. Never throw away flowers that you think might be pretty dried out. They work great in homes that have a "farm house" feel to them.

As you guys probably know by now, this is my good friend and photographer Lauren Bailey Lankford. She is super talented, and I give her tons of credit for getting my blog looking like it does today. We had the best time hanging out in my backyard sipping on some delicious sangria (I will share this recipe in a different post.)

I hope you guys love this boho garden party set up as much as we did. It is so easy to do and your guests will love it. It is a unique way to spend time with your loved ones or throw a super cool party! If you decide to throw a party like this, please tag me in your photos. I would love to share your creations on my instagram and pinterest page! Just tag @mbbfreeman.


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