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Brunchin' through Birmingham

I love cooking breakfast in the morning, but nothing hits the spot better than good ole brunch. Brunch is usually thought of as a "Sunday funday" activity, but I would eat brunch everyday if I could. There are so many good brunch spots in Birmingham - each with its own unique twist that sets it apart from the others. This, to me, is what makes it so fun to try different restaurants each weekend my husband and I are in town. Also, what pairs perfectly with a fantastic brunch...? Well, an adult beverage, of course! A lot of these restaurants you will see listed below have fantastic bloody mary bars, breakfast cocktails, and spiked coffee. Rise and shine, it's brunch time!


-Brunch is always a good idea-

1. Five

Five, as the name hints, has 5 main entrees to choose from during their Saturday and Sunday brunch. I love this menu because you don't feel overwhelmed trying to sift through tons of different breakfast entrees. Honestly, you can't go wrong with any choice you make! Their breakfast cheeseburger is delicious, but my favorite is the Five Burrito. They also have mimosas for $3 and a build your own bloody mary bar for $8.

I may have already mentioned this in a previous post, but it can't be overstated that Oven Bird offers a very unique dining experience. Their brunch is no exception. As you read through the menu options, you can feel the creativity in each dish radiating off of each page. Keep in mind, Oven Bird serves their dishes tapa style. This will allow you to order several things among your group, and everyone can sample a lot of their menu. I love their bloody marys because they are served with a crab claw - again, the creativity and uniqueness is unmatched! They also have fantastic cocktails, including an espresso cocktail that is a must-try. I have linked their menu in the restaurant name.

All I can say is SHRIMP. AND. GRITS! Not only is the vibe of this restaurant as much fancy as it is cool, the food matches the sleek, sophisticated style. They have a a cute outdoor patio that is perfect for a nice, sunny morning. This is for sure a must try. Don't forget your sunglasses!

Just another example of the different twists on brunch that you can find around the Magic City. Their Brunch Pizza (yes, you read that right) is literally life changing. They have brunch available on Saturdays and Sundays. Located in the Pizitz Food Hall, take a stroll around downtown after brunch and soak up the Birmingham vibe! If you have not tried this place out, I would put it on the top of your list. Their entire menu is gold!

Honestly, I could eat Mexican every single day. Babalu makes that dream a possibility with their seriously delicious brunch menu. They have a such a variety of menu options for everyone. If you are super hungry, I suggest trying their Baba - Tine. It is almost too pretty to eat, but you'll get past that! :)

Your classic neighborhood coffee shop just got sweeter because Sweet Jon's Cafe has some of the best brunch on the block. Known for their food and their coffee, both are equally delicious. Don't let the simplicity of their menu fool you, everything they serve up is packed with flavor and sass. Remember to eat with your eyes before your mouth - the presentation of their dishes is simply stunning. This is also a great little work/study spot.

I suggest starting out with their Italian Mimosa or the Hummingbird to drink. It will get you all set to be absolutely stuffed. I love this brunch menu because there are healthy items and not so healthy items. The jalapeno hash browns are one of a kind. This restaurant has such a fun vibe. (side note, this is where my husband had a surprise engagement party for me after he proposed. They have a nice patio for events such as this).

I had to add this go to brunch spot. They have some of the best omelets I have ever eaten. Their lobster and brie omelet is probably my favorite brunch item and my go-to when we eat here. They also have a large selection of specialty brunch cocktails. Check them out here.

I know I have left you with a lot to think about the next time you are trying to decide where to go for lunch, but the great thing is they are all fantastic. A few of my other favorites include Chuck's Fish, Over Easy, Grille 29, and Avondale Common house!

Goodness gracious, you guys, so much good food to try.. happy eating!

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