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Christmas Cake

This lovely Christmas cake is so EASY to make! If you are looking for a fun and festive activity to do with your family, decorating this cake together is a great idea!


For this Christmas cake, I just simply bought Betty Crocker white cake mix and cream cheese icing. I have not mastered my own baking skills yet, so sometimes the old saying of "the simpler the better" still holds true for this southern girl! If you have a specific cake recipe you love, feel free to substitute as that will work perfectly for this cake as well. Either way, the final product is so cute that no one will believe it’s not homemade! I always find it fun to bring a dessert to my holiday get together to kick up the holiday vibes! I hope you enjoy this easy "recipe!"


  1. 2 boxes of Betty Crocker White Cake Mix

  2. 2 things of cream cheese icing (3 if you want your cake fully covered)

  3. 1 bag of Ocean Spray fresh cranberries

  4. 1 pack of fresh rosemary sprigs

  5. 1 cup of sugar


  1. Mix up your cake batter. I mixed up one box, then divided the mixture between two 8-inch round cake pans. While those were cooking, I mixed up my second box of cake mix.

  2. When the first batch is done, set it aside to cool. Now, you will divide your second round of cake mix between your two 8-inch round cake pans.

  3. Once all of your layers are cooled, begin to stack and ice in between each layer. If layers are uneven, make sure to even out the tops of the cakes with a long bread knife.

  4. Once your layers are all stacked, you can start to ice the outside of your cake. I wanted to have the "naked" cake look so I did light icing around the sides of my cake.

  5. Next, you will want to get a bowl of water and take about two hand fulls of cranberries and coat the outsides with water. After, put your sugar on a paper plate and coat the wet cranberries with sugar. (This will make your cranberries glisten!)

  6. After, start adding your rosemary sprigs around the top and bottom of your cake.

  7. Last, add your sugar coated cranberries on the top of your cake! Note- fresh cranberries are tart so you may want to tell your guests that they are a garnish if they do not like tart berries!



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