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Create and Cultivate

The Create and Cultivate conference in Chicago was absolutely amazing! I was not sure what to expect going into the weekend, but I just knew I needed to take lots of notes. This was my first time attending a Create and Cultivate conference and it wont be my last.

This conference was designed to bring creative women together to discuss key topics about digital space, entrepreneurship and life as a modern working woman. This conference was filled with panels, mentor power hours, break out sessions, cocktails, great businesses, and fun food!

I thought this conference would mainly focus on growing a blog, but I was pleasantly surprised the topics were based on so much more. We were able to network with like minded creative women, develop business strategies, and hear advice from ladies that are the best in the industry. What I loved  the most about this opportunity is that I learned a lot of information I can use in my corporate job as a recruiter. It got me fired up to always put my best self forward and always help others do the same. 

In this post I am going to share some of my favorite key takeaways from the conference. Whether you are thinking about starting a business, blog, or are trying to be more creative in your current role, this blog post is for you. I hope you enjoy these topics as much as I did. It was a very uplifting experience and I hope you can benefit from the information below :) Also, how cool was the location of the conference. Chicago was a blast!



  1. Be a person people can relate to.

  • Be authentic and genuine (people know when you aren't being you)

  • Be transparent (being open and honest will help people connect with you)

  • Know what stories to tell and what stories not to

  • People like to follow REAL people

  • Only do what you are passionate about

  1. Visual appealing content matters

  • Keep feed consistent

  • Do not post just to post

  • Stay true to your brand

  1. Make sure you're helping others succeed

  • Women should help women succeed

  • If you have a brand a friend wants to work with share the contact information

  • Share tips with fellow coworkers

  • Be compassionate versus competitive

  • Collab versus competing

  • You can help people succeed around you and they can do the same for you

  • Come together and grow together

  • You get places faster in life by working with others

  • Help people be blessed by the blessings you receive in your life

  1. Obsess over your followers/customers/employees/ brandsI

  • Invest in the people that invest in your success and engage with your followers

  1. Invest time and love into yourself

  • Do not go stretch yourself to thin

  • Make sure you are devoting the appropriate amount of time for self care

  • Take breaks to gain creative insight

  • Have fun during these fun moments of life

  • Be realistic with the time your time and know when to say no

  1. Remember you are where you need to be

  • Try not to get caught up with feeling like you aren't doing good enough

  • Success comes with time and effort

  • Small steps take you big places

  • Do not try to seek validation of success from others it will only disappoint you

  1. Own who you are and don't let people bring you down

  • Cheer yourself on

  • Be your biggest fan

  • Remember no one knows your worth and value better than yourself so SELL YOURSELF

  • Do not change who you are to make others happy

  • You are your own worst critic

  • Some of your best friends will not support you and it's okay SMILE AND BE YOU

  • Don't let peoples thoughts effect the perception of yourself

  1. What to do when working with brands

  • Story telling is key

  • Make people proud that give you the chance to work for them

  • Pitch yourself (pitch perfect is a great course to take)

  • Come up with a great ideas to sell to brands if you are pitching yourself

  • When brands reach out, don't sell yourself short. Ask for an amount that you are worth (media kits help sell yourself)

  • Show brands your analytics so they can see your value

  • Don't partner with brands just for the money (your followers can see if it does not match your brand)

  • If you really want to work with a brand and they aren't responding.. don't stop it can take up to 5 emails

  • Use filters when working with brand (don't say yes to everyone)

  • You should think about passion for the brand, prestige of the brand, and profitability of the campaign before saying yest (favorite quote from the conference)

  1. Social Media tips

  • Newsletters are being used more and more and emailing is IN!

  • Maximize usage of all social platforms

  • Make each platforms content have variety

  • Keep track of the stats on your post so you know what your followers are interested in seeing more of

  1. Tips for Instagram marketing

  • It's okay not to post everyday

  • Make post fun and interactive

  • Engage with followers

  • Post in the moment content

  • Content should be goal driven (shoppable or helpful content)

  • People don't want to see everything you do

  1. Failing is okay

  • You are going to fail at some point in your life and make mistakes

  • Be present in those moments of failure so you know how to avoid the same mistakes in the future

  • Hard times make you stronger

  • Be able to bounce back when things go wrong

  • Allow yourself to know you are going to make mistakes

  1. Tips for success

  • Keep your eye on the prize

  • Always have fresh ideas

  • Keep your blinders on  and do not let negative comments block you from success

  • Don't be afraid to reach out to people for help

  • Let the love of what you do drive you to succeed

  • You determine how successful you want to be in life

As you can see this conference was filled with good information and lots of fun! Below are are few of my favorite moments from the conference! Thank you for reading <3


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