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HOT Chocolate Bar Essentials

 If you are hosting a  Christmas party at your house this year, adding a hot chocolate bar would be a great way to add some holiday cheer. I will be sharing with you some of my favorite toppings to use for your hot chocolate bar.


Hot chocolate bars are great to have at parties for adults or children. Building your hot chocolate creation is a festive activity for your friends and family to partake in. Not only have I supplied you with a list of essentials for your bar, but I have also added some links to a few sites with more examples of how they styled their hot chocolate bar. When preparing my hot chocolate bar, I went to Williams Sonoma and purchased their fabulous hot chocolate, snowflake marshmallows, and chocolate dipped peppermint sticks! They have almost 20 different hot chocolate flavors - click HERE to see them all. They have all the things you need to make your bar top notch! I hope you enjoy this warm and delicious beverage as much as my family does each year! Merry Christmas!

 List of bar essentials:

List of display essentials:

  • Mugs

  • Mason jars for your toppings (different sizes would be ideal)

  • Teared trey or cute display stand to place all of your toppings

There are so many fun ways to set up your hot Chocolate bar! I kept mine super simple and used my three-tiered galvanized stand from Pottery Barn, so I could show off my Christmas mugs. I used the top tier for my three different toppings.

One last thing, when I am decorating, I always like to look to find how other people put their own unique twist on different decorative ideas that I am toying with. I find this helps spark my imagination for ideas in my own house!  See the links below where I have provided a list of my top five favorite hot chocolate bars. It is so fun to see how different people set up their bars.


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