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Things I’ve Learned Over the Last 27 Years!

Wow time really does fly by way too fast. My grandmother always told me that as I get older time would just flash before my eyes. She was right, each year that goes by seems shorter and shorter. I think it's because each year life gets more eventful and we get busier. It is so important to be present in each moment we have because time is precious!


26 was such an exciting year of life! Clinton and I went to Jamaica and Gatlinburg with amazing friends, many of our friends got married/engaged, we celebrated our first wedding anniversary, I finally hit 10k on Instagram ( y’all are the best), and I’ve made friends that will last a life time! Even though this year rocked, I think 27 will be even better.

I have always been weird about birthdays and turning one year older. This year I’m doing my best to have a different mindset. Each year of life is such a precious gift and it should be celebrated. I feel extremely blessed and appreciative to be happy, healthy and another year older. I wanted to share things I have learned over the last 27 years of life. Some are fun and some or a little deeper. Here we go!

27 things I have learned during my lifetime

1. Attitude is everything

2. You can’t make everyone happy all of the time

3. Wine is truly a gift

4. Time is precious

6. Some of the most influential people you meet in your life are during your 20s

7. Cooking is fun

8. Small groups are life changing

9. Traveling connects you with people

10. Start saving early

11. Giving praise goes along way

12. Pizza is an individual food group

13. Never give up on your dreams

14. The people you surround yourself with really matter

15. You can't let your past define your future

16. Never take your family for granted

17. Never go to bed upset with your spouse

18. It is okay that people have different thoughts and opinions

19. It is important to stick up for yourself

20. Always stay present in special moments

21. It is important not to take things too seriously

22. Don't sweat the small stuff

23. Travel while you're young

24. Make sure you use your words to lift people up and not tear people down

25. Never doubt yourself

26. Take time to help those that are in need

27. ALWAYS be yourself <3


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