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What Valentine's Day Should Be About!

Ohhhh Vday we meet again. So much hype around this day. Where are we going to eat, what are you going to get me this year, I wonder if this is the last year my mom gets me a vday present... haha I am totally guilty of all of these things. I use to love the fact that in my 20s I was still getting a basket of goodies from my mom. Also, when Clinton and I were dating I always wanted him to call and get the best reservations or plan a super cool date for us. Oh and I totally needed the oversized card, stuffed animal, and flowers!


This year my perspective has completely changed. I started thinking about what Vday should be about. It isn't about the gifts, the cards, or the best planed out date. It is about taking a moment out of your day to let the ones closest to you know just how much they mean to you. The cool thing is, you do not have to buy something for someone to make them feel loved. The moments/conversations you share with your loved ones are way more meaningful than a silly box of chocolates ( and lord I do love me some chocolate). It is easier than you think to make someone feel special.

I told myself this year that I wanted to strictly make it about love and not all the other nonsense that this day comes along with. I did not want to put any pressure on Clinton to do something super out of the norm for us. I just want him to feel special and show him how much I love him by doing something thoughtful. I definitely think he was happy when I was explaining my epiphany about what Vday should be about last week. So since it made him happy I thought I just had to share it with others who might enjoy I little refresher.

I also think that this is the perfect day of the year to not only make your significant other feel special, but also your family and friends. It is a great opportunity to pick up the phone and call your parents/grandparents and tell them how grateful you are for their love and how much you love them! I'm just saying, take this opportunity to make as many people feel special as possible.

I am going to get off my love soap box and share a few cute ideas on how to make your lovey feel special tomorrow. I know this is a super late Vday post, but these are a few simple ideas that you can use to brighten someones vday (or any day):

  • Make or add on to a scrapbook 

  • Make a heart shape with sticky notes on our spouse's mirror and put reasons why you love them on each one

  • Get a bunch of balloons, put them all over your house, and hang pics of your favorite memories

  • Breakfast in bed

  • Surprise them with a cheese and wine board after a long day at work

  • Make them their favorite dinner

  • Write a sweet love note for them and hide it so they can find it when the get to work

  • If your married surprise them with watching your wedding video after dinner

You guys I could go on and ON. I seriously love LOVE! I hope this helps you think of something special to do for your loved one on vday!


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