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Table Talk

It's time for table talk! Setting up your dinning room table to make it warm and inviting to your friends and family is so much fun. Thanks to our loved ones we were able to style this country farm house dining room. I am going to share how we styled this room and show you where you can find some of these items.


I would like to preface this post by saying that most of the items you will see in these pictures were given to us from our family and friends throughout our wedding festivities. We are so grateful for your love and generosity, and without each of you, none of this would be possible.

Our dining area is very special to us because this is the place we share so many memories with our loved ones. God has truly blessed our lives with this home, and we are extremely thankful for the moments we are able to spend here. This is why I decided to post "Table Talk" the week of Thanksgiving. A place where you can sit, eat, laugh, and be merry is exactly what your dining room should be.

Now lets talk style. As you can see the "farm-house" style is a theme throughout our home. There is a mixture of newer pieces in this space as well as some antique pieces. As I mentioned in my previous post about our "farm-house" bedroom, mixing antique pieces with new pieces is a great way to warm up your space.

For our place settings, I wanted to have an ivory color set of every day china, as well as a colorful set of everyday china so we could interchange our settings. Having a solid color base set of main plates provides you the option to change your accent plates to match the season. During the holidays, you can find great deals on fall as well as Christmas/Thanksgiving place settings, so be on the look out! Don't forget, Black Friday is just around the corner, so make sure you check out Pottery Barn's great selection of holiday plates. Stay tuned for my Christmas styled table to come!

Our kitchen table was a gift from Clinton's parents' best friends and family. They found the table at a flea market and gave it a fresh coat of white chalk paint. And, just like that, we have a beautiful farm house table that could not be more perfect (in all honesty, chalk paint is everything).

Our everyday china is from Anthropologie and Pottery Barn. I am so in love with both of these sets of China and have provided you with the links to shop the look below. You can not go wrong shopping at either of these places. They will provide you various options to make your dining room so beautiful.

The black, wingback chairs were an excellent addition to our space because it tied in some of the colors in other pieces we had around the room. The great thing about this space is that it is okay if everything does not match perfectly. Mixing blacks with browns is totally okay, and it looks fabulous. The chairs tie in perfectly with the light fixture, which makes for a cohesive look in the dining room.

The table runner is another piece from Anthro (I know, I have a problem). The runner adds a fun twist to the clean look we have in this space. Obviously, it can be used on a longer table, however, I think the way it hangs off of the end of our shorter table creates a unique, crafty look. The center piece is as a decorative item, but it also doubles as a serving piece.

The black buffet table in the pictures below was my grandfather's, and it means so much to me to have it in our home. My aunt stained it black and really made it even more priceless. Remember, do not throw away your older sentimental furniture. Try to salvage it and make it something your children would want to use one day. The awesome hanging frames you'll see are perfect to showcase wedding pictures, as we did. They can be purchased from Bed Bath and Beyond (shopping guide is below).

As you can see, we have a mixture of blacks, browns, blues, and whites throughout our dining room. Typically, a dining room incorporates various decorative pieces to tie a look together. The fact that there are numerous pieces in the room enables you to mix in pops of color and textures to make this a unique area to entertain. We love the shabby chic look, and you can definitely recreate it in your home along with putting your own, special spin on things.

As you can see it takes a village to make a home complete. Without the people that love us we would not have our dream dining room. This look can easily be recreated. All it takes is a little love and inspiration. I am going to provide a registry guide for you brides that are embarking on the engagement journey!


Our Dining Room


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