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Holiday Gift Guide- Gifts for the Home

2. Pottery Barn Blanket - This blanket is super soft and can go with almost every couch color. It is decorative but cozy at the same time.

5. Pitcher- This pitcher is such a cute affordable piece to have in the house for parties.

6. Decanter - I feel like this is a perfect gift for the wine lover. It is a stylish piece to have in the home.

7. Gold Candle stick - These are affordable and adorable! It is a great gift for people who love to entertain.

8. Anthro Candle- This oversized anthro candle is a super special gift. It smells SO good and it lasts a really long time.

9. Floor Pillow- I think this is a perfect gift for the dog lover. It is a stylish bed for someones cute pup to catch some z's on!

10. Roomba - THIS IS A MUST HAVE! I have heard so many great things about Roombas!

11. Anthro Scents - This is a great little present for those who love fresh scents. This particular scent is so relaxing! Any girl would love to have this happy.

13. Nest - This gift is on a ton of my friends wish list. It is a perfect addition to anyone's home!

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