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26 Things I am Thankful For

 I do not think any year of my life can beat 25. I am so thankful for the blessings that God has given me and my family. 25 was filled with so many special moments, and I hope this next year of life is just as amazing.


1. Clinton

Life would not be complete without you. Thank you so much for making each day so special.  LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

2. Luna

I never knew I would love something the way I love our dog. She brings the biggest smile to my face every single day. She's a handful, but she makes everyday brighter.

3. Our Home

Our first home will always have a special place in my heart. So thankful to our family who helped make a house our home. <3

4. Church of The Highlands

Sunday mornings would not be the same without Pastor Chris.

5. Family

I could not get through my busy, sometimes even chaotic, life without the unwavering support from each of you.

6. Friends

Your support and love means so much to me.

7. My job at Encompass Health

My job has turned into a passion, and I love being a Clinical Recruiter. Marketing is so much fun to me.  Mixing that with helping people find a job that is perfect for them is what drives my passion each and every day.

8. Pictures

Capturing life's perfect moments is something that I absolutely love.

9. This life

I love each day that God gives me to live on this earth. Everyday brings new exciting challenges and opportunities and I welcome them with open arms.

10. Birmingham

I have grown up living in Birmingham, and it is such a wonderful city. There is so much to do and it continues to grow and get even better.

11. Travel

We have had some really awesome vacations, but we are always ready to explore more. We are thinking about going to The Rock House in Jamaica for our one year anniversary, and I cannot wait!

12. Early Mornings

Morning time is my favorite time of day.  I love waking up early and listening to All Sons and Daughters radio on Pandora and drinking coffee.  Nothing beats quiet time in the morning.

13. My blog

Having the opportunity to share just one thing that someone may like gives me joy! It has been such a fun journey to connect with people through this creative outlet.

14. Target

Who doesn't love Target?

15. My Planner

Being organized is a must for me, and I could not keep myself organized without my planner.

16. Pinterest

I get so much inspiration from my daily visits to Pinterest. Check out all of my boards there to see what contributes to my creative thoughts!

17. Good Food

I love trying new things every time we go out to eat. Birmingham has become pretty well-known for its restaurants, and there are so many yummy places to eat!

18. Wayfair

So much of our furniture has come from Wayfair - I love it!

19. Walks

Nothing beats taking my girl on walks through the park. I like to think that she thinks the same thing!

20. Cheese

21. Coffee

I cannot pass by a fresh-brewed pot of coffee without pouring myself a cup.  This is my fuel for the day I don't think I would make it through the day without it! 

22. Candles

I love lighting all of the candles in our house - especially ones that have a great smell.

23. Anthropologie


24. Seaside Beach

Honestly, we love any beach, but we especially love Seaside. We are so blessed to be able to make the short drive to the Gulf whenever we need a weekend getaway!

25. Netflix

26. Lake Martin

Clinton and I have always said our happy place is the lake. We go there anytime we just want to get away and spend time together. Luna has become quite a fan as well :)



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