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Birmingham Date Night Restaurants

Birmingham is filled with amazing restaurants! I would say the majority of my time away from work is spent deciding where we should go out to eat. My husband and I love trying out new restaurants and also enjoy hitting our favorites on a regular basis! The best thing about the Birmingham restaurant scene is that it is continuing to

grow and there is always something new to try.

Today I’m going to tell you guys about some of our favorite date-night spots. There are seriously too many to choose from so I can’t list all of them out. I’ll share some restaurants that vary in price range because casual date nights are just as fun! If you ever have questions about any of the places I’m trying out, feel free to email or message me!


I can’t pick a favorite restaurant in Birmingham, but this one is for sure in my top 5! Bettola is fancy, but also has a casual vibe! They have the best pizza in the world and their pasta is GLORIOUS. My favorite pizza on their menu has a fresh farm egg baked on top. Mouth watering. Fun fact - their pizza oven was flown in from Italy and it is always at the perfect temp to make the perfect crispy crust.

If you like real authentic Italian food, you’ll love Gianmarcos! This is, and always will be, one of our favorite date night spots. They have the coolest wine bar, where you can sit and have dinner and walk around and pick your bottle of wine. If you don’t finish the bottle, that’s okay! They let you keep the cork so you can bring it back home!

It is such an experience to eat at this world renowned restaurant. If you’re going out to eat for a date night, it is all about the experience, and I don’t think anything tops Oven Bird. Their dinner menu and brunch menu is out of this world. It is a tapa styled restraurant so you get the opportunity to try a good assortment of amazing items on their menu. The restaurant is located in Pepper Place and it has such a beautiful atmosphere. This is a must try restaurant if you have never tried it before!

This is a hip restaurant with tons of menu options. We could not wait for it to open to try their ramen burger. Their menu is filled with burgers and seafood cuisine. I love going here for date night and then heading to The Marble Ring for a fun after dinner cocktail.

We love so many things at Avondale Common House. They have a variety of menu options that are all delicious. It is in such a great location and there are so many places to go after your fun date night.

My love for Chuck’s started in Tuscaloosa, AL! When I came home from school I was so thankful we had one right here in Birmingham! They have stunning dishes and outstanding sushi. One of my favorite items on their menu is their bang bang shrimp. Definitely the best in Alabama - maybe the world. If you’re looking to get wined and dined you should definitely check out Chucks!

Upscale Mexican cuisine at its finest. The cheese dip is so unique and delicious! It has goat cheese in it which just brings it to the next level. I can’t pick one specific entree that’s my favorite, but I’m telling you, you really can’t go wrong. Last but not least, their margs are extremely fresh and refreshing!

THE BEST SUSHI IN BIRMINGHAM. This is such a fun restaurant for a date night. Their sushi is out of this world and the restaurant is super cool. Not only is their sushi dynamite, they have fabulous broth bowls. Yum yum yum! If you love sushi, you’ll love bamboo.

We love Carrigan's not only for their amazing cocktails, but for their seriously delicious and fun menu. They have a corn dog that is life changing. This is such a great place for date nights, birthday celebrations, and if you’re looking to enjoy a crazy good cocktail on a roof top!


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