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Holiday Decor

Decorating our first home was so much fun and I enjoyed every minute of it! I love Christmas so much that I never want to take our decorations down. However, creating your Christmas look can sometimes get pricey when you are trying to decorate your first home. I am going to share how we were able to create our Christmas look on a budget.


I will start out by saying that if you explore your family members' attics, storage closets, etc. there is a good chance they have Christmas decorations they have not used in years. We found this to be the case and it is always great if your family members can lend or give you some of the Christmas decorations they are not using anymore! You might find a way to make the piece look awesome in your home!

When shopping for our Christmas decorations we started with Michael's. Michael's has a wonderful selection of wreathes, garland, lights, ornaments, wrapping paper, etc. Also, they have fabulous prices on all of these things. We were able to stock up on wreaths for inside and outside. Yes! Inside! I love putting things where you typical would not see them.

Decorating our ladder in our formal living room was so great because we were able to use it to hang our stockings (since Clinton's TV takes up the whole mantle...). This ladder came from Homewood Antiques, and I was able to get it for $19.00! One of my favorite purchases ever.

Decorating our tree was my favorite part of making our home look festive. We were able to find most of our tree decor from Pier 1. I wanted to go with a winter wonderland theme on our tree, so I bought things that were white, silver, and glittery.

The fake fur going around the tree is beautiful. We were able to find the white glitter twigs at Pier 1 as well, and they were an inexpensive addition to this fun look. We did not have any ornaments so we bought a set of 100 at Michael's for $10.00! Such a steal!

We kept out wrapping simple with brown and red colored paper. I found the deer printed paper at Michael's for $4.99, along with all of my holiday ribbon!

Clinton loves Christmas so much and has ever since he was little. We have quite the collection of nutcrackers because he has accumulated them over the years. The white one beside our tree is the newest addition to the Freeman family! I think we will continue this collection on for our future children.

I would highly recommend anyone in need of Christmas decor to shop at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and Pier 1. Also, the best time to find the best deals is the day after Christmas or Black Friday. That is when you will find the good stuff that is usually outrageously priced. After Christmas, you can also usualy find great deals on fake Christmas trees. I have been told on numerous occasions to check out Home Depot for a steal on a tree!

Christmas Decoration:


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