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St. Lucia Honeymoon 2017

If you are searching for your honeymoon destination or next vacation spot, I would highly recommend St. Lucia. We had the best time and the locals are so kind. You will not be disappointed, especially if you stay at one of the most beautiful resorts in the world, Ladera.


Mine and Clinton's honeymoon was truly a week in paradise! We had the best time exploring the beautiful island of St. Lucia. Before deciding on our honeymoon destination we did tons of research to make sure this was the right spot to kick off our marriage. We researched several different tropical islands and resorts, including the Rock House in Jamaica, Sugar Beach in St. Lucia, and a few different places in Costa Rica, before deciding on Ladera Resort located on St. Lucia. We were so satisfied with our decision.

Clinton and I are both adventurous people, so not only did we want a place where we could relax we wanted a place we could have a ton of fun. St. Lucia offered us every item on our check list. It is beautiful, exotic, and offers really great water/land activities. On top of all of the amazing things St. Lucia has to offer, the plane ride from Atlanta, GA is less than 5 hours (I am not a huge fan of flying).

Ladera offered ATV riding, zip-lining, mountain climbing, several hiking options, deep sea fishing, horseback riding, and a variety of sailing options. At the resort, they had several relaxing options as well. On the beach you could go windsurfing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and kayaking.

One of the coolest things we did while we were in St. Lucia was a day long excursion around the island. We sailed across the island and were able to visit the town where most of the locals live. We went to local shops and got really inexpensive souvenirs. We also bought some local rum and snacks to take back to our room because the resort prices were somewhat pricey. After the town visit, we went to the sulfur springs where you can treat yourself to a mud bath and hot spring soaking. After you get out of this mud bath, your skin feels incredibly soft.

Next, we went to one of the waterfalls on the island for a quick swim. It was amazingly beautiful and unforgettable. After our swim, our guide carted us off to a local restaurant where we were treated to outstanding local food. It was so tasty and one of the best meals we had during our trip. We were also given the local favorite drink, the rum-punch, during our 5 hour trip around the island. By the end, we were definitely feeling great! Our last stop before heading back to our resort was for some snorkeling. They took us to a local favorite snorkeling spot, which was right by Jade Mountain, another resort on the island. We were able to get incredible underwater shots with our go pro camera.

One amazing thing about staying at Ladera is the view is just breath taking. When we walked into our room we were in awe! Having a pool in our room and 3 stories all to ourselves was just a dream. Also, the fact that we felt like we were one with nature the whole time was really amazing. Our room only had 3 walls, YES, 3, with the remaining side being completely open to the forest. All that to say, if you are looking to be adventures and have gorgeous views, replicating our vacation at Ladera would be an awesome option for you.

Finally, while staying at Ladera, you have access to the two of the best restaurants on the island, one in the resort and one just across the street called Hotel Chocolate. You will be beyond happy with your dining options. All of the entrees at Hotel Chocolate include, to some extent, some sort of chocolate! MIND BLOWING. Dasheene is the restaurant at Ladera, and it was voted best restaurant on the entire island of St. Lucia. We ate there almost every morning and night!

We wish we could go back to this paradise everyday! If you have any questions about St. Lucia please don't hesitate to reach out! In a separate post, I will show you where you can find all of my honeymoon looks and also provide a packing list for any tropical honeymoon/vacation get away.


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