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The Market at Pepper Place

The Market at Pepper Place has always been something that I enjoy going to early on Saturday mornings. It is such a fun activity to start off your Saturday. Not only are a ton of booths that have wonderful fresh produce, there is live music, food trucks, and great local restaurants you can check out. I am going to share some of my favorite booths, all of which have products you will not regret purchasing!


Before I dive into how awesome each booth is, I wanted to share why I have such a love for the Market at Pepper Place. My husband use to live in the downtown Lakeview area and we would wake up early on Saturday mornings and walk to the farmers' market. We love going to get fresh ingredients and then coming home to make a fresh meal.

Another great thing about the Pepper Place market is the location.  There are fantastic restaurants in the surrounding area, all within walking distance from one another.  Some of these restaurants include Oven Bird (great for Saturday Brunch), The Red Cat Coffee House, and Bettola (my personal favorite Italian restaurant).  When we first arrive to the farmers' market, our first stop is typically for a breakfast wrap and a coffee to help get us in the shopping mood.  After we get our bellies full, we start exploring. Going to the market has also become our pup's favorite Saturday morning activity.  The Market at Pepper Place welcomes your furry, four-legged best friend.  You will see dogs of all shapes a sizes.  Luna loves making new friends when we go!  Just remember to keep them on a leash. 

There are somethings to remember when you come to the farmers market! Some of the booths only take cash, but there are ATMs on site. Also, I find it helpful to bring a large bag so I have a place to put all of my goodies. Most importantly, don't forget to bring your pup :)

Now let me jump in!! I hope you all check out these spots next time you head to the market. I have included in the title of each booth the link to their website, if they have one.

 I could go on and on about how delicious Spoon and Ladle is. They have the BEST soup I have ever tasted! My personal favorite is their Beer Cheese and Bacon soup. It is seriously yum. They also have dips and different types of pimento cheese. You can purchase their products at the farmers' market or at The Western.

2. Todd's Produce

 Todd's Produce has wonderfully fresh peaches that are so juicy. These peaches are a perfect summer treat. Perfectly ripe and sweet on the tongue, you won't regret! Later in the season he has other fruits to purchase.

I highly recommend that if you're a coffee drinker to stop by this booth. They have fabulous hot and iced coffee. This booth only takes cash!

These candles are simply amazing.  The owner of this booth makes her candles out of beautiful wine bottles and has a variety of scents to choose from. I have a candle obsession and these are seriously one of a kind. They are a perfect gift and perfect for your home. You can purchase these online as well!

5. Happy Trails Flower Farm

 Talk about some beautiful flowers! Happy Trails has a variety of arrangements to "pick" from. They have several arrangements that vary in cost. 

 So this is something I am really excited to share! IT IS A VACATION ON WHEELS! It is a custom camper van rental. You can rent it for the weekend, and it has everything you need to have the most epic weekend of camping. Imagine just getting in a car and not having to worry about booking a hotel.  Clinton and I are so ready to do this soon!

 If you're a sucker for a good BBQ sauce, then look no further. This is one of the best white BBQ sauces I have ever tasted. It has such amazing flavor, and you can literally put it on anything (well I do).

8. All of the produce booths rock!

 You really cannot go wrong when buying produce at Pepper Place. There is nothing but top-notch freshness throughout the entire market. You will seriously not be disappointed in anything you try.

 If you love good organic artisan tea, you will become a huge fan of Tea Town! There are so many flavors to choose from! Also, how cool is this booth?

There are many other awesome booths that I could go into detail about! While you are there, you should also check out Midnight Salsa, Big Spoon, Steel City Pops, and Fetch ( a treat truck for dogs)!

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