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YouTube Hair Tutorials

Peace out boring hair! Do you ever get tired of doing the same hairstyle over and over again? I know I do. There are thousands of YouTube videos dedicated to hair tutorials and sometimes it can be difficult to find ones that are simple and easy to follow. I am all about easy!

It can take a lot of time to find easy to follow hair tutorials. So instead of you having to go out and search yourself, they're all right here! In this post you will find several different types of hair tutorials. I am a huge fan of braids and beach waves, so I found a few videos to share those particular styles. On top of that you will find 7 easy ponytails for spring/summer and quick styles that take less than minutes to recreate! YES, I SAID LESS THAN 2 MINUTES! Happy styling!

7 Easy Ponytails for Spring and Summer

Abby Smith is a phenomenal blogger and is super relatable. She makes her videos simple and easy to follow. I love her videos because she give several different styling options. Some hair tutorials can be hard to follow, but Abby makes things easy for her followers. If you are into easy up dos you should definitely check out this video.

Cute Lazy Day Hairstyles (NO HEAT!)

Everyone has those days where they want to be lazy, am I right? Sazan Hendrix makes it easy for us to look cute and not have to put much effort into it. I am super excited about trying all of these styles out. While you are checking out her hair tutorials you should also watch some of her vlogs.


HOW AMAZING IS THIS LOOK? The best thing about it, besides how gorgeous it is, is that it only takes 2 minutes to recreate it. To get the same thickness for your braid you may need hair extensions. To see more videos like the by The Freckled Fox, you can visit her YouTube channel.


Pigtails, braids, half up-half down, and messy bun looks have just been brought to the next level by Jordan Lipscombe. If you have not seen her hair tutorials before, you will love them! Not only does she make it really simple for people to pick up, she has a fabulous accent that makes her videos so fun to watch!


Hunter Premo is a fellow fashion and lifestyle blogger that just recently shared her first hair tutorial. My friend Carlyle Thornton, owner of, showed me this video and I am obsessed. Carlyle recreated this look and it took about 6 minutes to complete. This look would be so fun for work, a night out, or a wedding!

Mermaid Hair Tutorial | Anna Saccone

This is my go to hairstyle and Anna Saccone nails this tutorial. This is the best everyday look (in my opinion). One thing I love about mermaid hair or waves is that it looks so good on short or long hair.

TUTORIAL | My Favorite Go To Hairstyle

Amber Fillerup is the ultimate braiding queen! She also has a fabulous line of extensions if you are in the market, they are called Barefoot Blonde. If you are not a braid expert yet, she has great tutorials that walk through simple braid techniques. This would be so fun for a day in the park or a night out with the girls!

That's a wrap! I hope you enjoyed watching these hair tutorials by a few amazing ladies. More hair posts to come.


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